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5 QCFSBO Tips This Year

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     1. Prepare your house: Take time to declutter your home and make any maintenance repairs you have put off for the last 3   or 4 years. These repairs can be filling nail holes from your great grandmother’s family portrait to having your roof replaced. Work within your budget and fix anything you can. Otherwise, be prepared to “get negotiated on” from a potential buyer.

     2. Price your house: I can’t stress enough how important it is to price your home correctly. I have discussed and read multiple Ruhl & Ruhl realtors’ and Mel Foster realtors’ articles from the Quad Cities confirming this. Your house will draw some of its heaviest attention just the first few weeks of being listed, and you don’t want or scare anyone off or lose any potential profit.

     3. Attack from the outside in: Spend time this year increasing your curb appeal. I personally like the DIY Network, Home Time, and HGTV for ideas. I am also falling in love with Pinterest. I know a lot of women enjoy their boards, but fellas, you need to check out this resource for outdoor ideas, too.

     4. Make a marketing plan: How will you market your house? There is Craigslist, Social Networks, News Papers, “For Sale” signs, and Quad City For Sale By Owner services. Use Alexa to track up-to-date website traffic for choosing the best QCFSBO website.

     5. Communication and showing: If you are single, then this will be an easy decision of who will be in charge of taking phone calls, e-mails, and showing the house. But keep in mind people may want to see the house when you are not available. Do you have a close relative or family member who can stand in for this in a pinch? If you're married or have a partner, designats one person to be in charge of taking the calls to keep a consistent flow of communication with buyers. Do the same for showings. This will help your buyers and you stay organized with any questions from clients.

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