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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Quad Cities Home Curb Appeal

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Curb Appeal, that simple phrase which can make or break any home selling deal. The allure of curb appeal has people investing more money and time into their yards, namely the front yard. The outside of your home is a reflection of the home owners themselves and what the house will probably look like on the inside. Not everyone is a DIY master or has a green thumb, so I have created a list of 5 simple ways to improve the curb appeal of your middle class mansion.

1. Pressure Wash: Perhaps the easiest improvement on the list. Do not reach for the garden hose and expect to get the same results as a pressure washer. It’s like comparing a squirt gun to a fire hose. A pressure washer gives you the water pressure you need to wash away years of dirt and mildew that has been neglected for years or even decades. Many pressure washers also have the option to use chemicals for cleaning and mildew prevention. I have never used any of the soaps or mildew preventers on my house, patio, driveway, or retaining wall, but have been entertaining the idea over the last year. I have power washed all of these critical areas, and it will take years off of your property.  It gives the property that clean zest appeal buyers are looking for.

2. Fertilize, Water, and Mow: To me, one of the biggest curb appeal impressions comes from the front lawn. When people drive up to the home you are selling they want to see a lush, full, and well groomed front yard, not some janky yard that has been used for boarding dogs. To obtain this desired look you will need to take the time every year to spread fertilizer and weed control during spring. If needed over-seed your lawn as well. The time it takes to do this is literally less than an hour for homes sitting on a half-acre or less. If going through a dry spell in your area square feet, that’s a lot. Finally, remember to mow your lawn as needed. Depending on the amount of rain you receive, or how often you water your lawn, this could be once every 4 days or once every two weeks. I prefer a longer cut because it allows for stronger root growth and healthier grass.

3. Mulching and Flower Beds: Many people mulch around trees, flower beds around the house, and around walkways. If you do use mulch, have your 3”-4” base of mulch and every year after add an additional 1”-2”s of mulch for that fresh vibrant look. For flower beds, make sure the boarders are clearly defined with bricks, stones, vinyl, or any other type of small barrier. These clean edges are a small detail that will really make your curb appeal pop. Replant you annuals in mid to late spring to allow the flowers to bloom and show their colors. I like to wait and address pruning trees and hedges once they are green, so I can shape the plants better as I make my cuts.

4. Outdoor Lighting: Many people forget what their house looks like at night or feel like it is not important. Well, it is important, and outdoor lighting can really take you to the upper epsilon of curb appeal. There are some really simple ways to improve outdoor lighting, for example using solar walkway markers for your sidewalk. A slightly more involved outdoor lighting is using low voltage lighting. This is a more professional look and will ultimately yield better results. More can be seen about outdoor lighting here.

5. Paint Doors, Shutters For Windows: Finally, we have every homes flippers dream product, paint. Why do house flippers like paint so much? Because it is an inexpensive way to give a house a new look or make any feature stand out. A well designed and inviting entryway could mean thousands in your pocket. Fresh paint or stain on an entry door will revitalize your home. With the addition of updated light fixtures and couple unique potted plants can give the front of your home the focal point it has been missing.  Another good way to use some paint is on shutters, if you have them. Updating the trim colors of your home leaves one less task for a potential buyer to address when they move in. Freshly painted shutters and trim will give your home a new look and can bring back potential buyers if they already passed on your house once.

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