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5 Steps for Showing Your QC Home

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Congratulations on your success at this point in the game. You have taken pictures and listed your home with a QCFSBO service. You are ready to show your house for the first time. Here are 5 easy to follow steps to preparing your home for buyers. De-clutter your house: This is one area I see most people overlook when showing their home. You don’t want to empty a house out, but your house should not look like an episode of hoarders, either. Leave some simple furniture in your QC home, so people can imagine what the house will look like furnished.

Woman cleaning the mirror in the bathroom2. Clean: Sounds simple enough, but don’t forget to dust the fan blades, wipe down window ledges, and put a little extra elbow grease into the bathroom and kitchen.



Couple painting wall3. Repair: Strap on the tool belt and pound those deck nails down and touch up interior walls. Make the simple repairs first and leave the bigger repairs for when your budget can afford it or factor them into a discounted house price. Two major repairs people look for in Davenport and Bettendorf homes are windows and roofs.


animals,boxers,canines,dog biscuits,dog bones,dogs,mammals,nature,objects,pet foods,Photographs4. Pets have got to go, for the day at least: Remove any and all signs of pets including, food dish, litter box, and dog beds. Spray Febreze if your family pet frequents a room or a particular piece of furniture. Some people have pet allergies or feel animals can’t control their bowels and have surely tinkled all over the house. Don’t take the chance of scaring off any buyers because you just never know how people feel about pets.

Friends enjoying BBQ5. Soft showing: Such a fancy term in opening a new business but can be very beneficial for your Quad Cities home for sale.  If you are located in Moline or Rock Island, have friends and family who live nearby stop in and be brutally honest about what they like or don’t like. Try to fix the “don’t likes” and show case the “likes."


Follow these simple tips and you will have another excellent Quad Cities For Sale By Owner tool in your treasure chest of ideas.

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