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5 Tips For Selling My Home

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Selling your own house with any Quad Cities FSBO service may seem like a daunting task. You may have been trying to sell your home for months and had just a few bites or nibbles. While others in your neighborhood sold their homes in their first month of listing and other people you know have sold multiple homes over the years. So what’s the secret? How can these people have repeated success or make a quick sell while you are barely drawing any attention? The secret is work. You will have to put time into selling your own home. People higher real estate agents from Ruhl & Ruhl or Mel Foster for a reason, so the agents can do the work for them.  Here are five areas to focus your time on when selling your own home.

1. Pricing: Ask any real-estate agent or veteran FSBO and they will tell you pricing is the number one priority when selling a home. Take the emotion out of it and do some homework before listing. Follow this link for more specific tips on pricing your house.

2. Declutter: There are not many more turnoffs to buyers than seeing a house packed with furniture and walls covered in decorations from the past 20 years. I usually say take one piece of furniture out of every room, but some of you out there need to take out 2-3 pieces from each room. Show off your room space, but allow the buyer to picture their furniture in your home.

3. Clean: Roll up your sleeves, grab the cleaning bucket, throw on a sweatband and start using that antique of a tool called elbow grease. Clean windows, fans, walls, and everything in between.

4. Spread the Word: You’re selling your house, DON’T KEEP IT A SECRET! If you have listed your house for 3 weeks and people you see on a regular bases (inside and outside of work) are surprised to hear you are selling your home then you are doing it wrong. Get your property out there like a mass text using social networks, word of mouth, flyers, and signage.

5. Be Creative: Have fun selling your home. You will have better success with a positive mindset and the creative juices will be flowing. I always like offering a $200 gift card to any person who refers an actual buyer to me. Sure it sounds like a lot of money at first, but you just hired dozens of employees and you will only pay one $200. Plus $200 is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to the sale price of a home.

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