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5 Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Winter

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Do you find yourself looking around your home this winter wanting to find ways to spruce it up and personalize it? As I had these ideas come, to me I posted them on Twitter and Facebook. It would be nice to be in the situation where I could just call up anyone of my self-employed construction buddies and have them add a bathroom to my basement, but the Dave Ramsey budget does not allow that. So keep in mind I am looking for low cost but high upgrade,s which will help any Quad City home for sale. Here is a short list of those ideas:

1. Update cabinet hardware – This is a very simple upgrade anyone can make with a screwdriver. Most handles and knobs in the kitchen and bathrooms are old and dated. Head to your closest hardware store for dozens if not hundreds of options. Keep in mind hardware can range from $0.69 – per unit upwards towards $50 and higher per unit.

2. Shampoo carpets – Choose carpet areas that are not located in high traffic areas, especially exterior doors. Yes, this may fall under the category of “cleaning” but a freshly shampooed carpet brings out that new home smell. For as little as $25 a night, plus cleaner, you can shampoo bedrooms and the basement. You also get a head start on your spring cleaning. If it’s too cold to open the windows, box fans work great to dry the carpet.

3. Change light bulbs – Walk around your house and see if all your bulbs have the same color, otherwise known as color temperature. My parent’s house has a bright white, soft white, and a yellow hue collectively in one ceiling fan fixture.  Make sure you color temperatures are organized by room. You will also save on your utility bill, which takes a beating during harsh winters.

4. Outlets, switches, and covers – I am going to start this off by saying, IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ELECTRICAL CIRCUTS, HIGHER A PROFESSIONAL. Believe it or not, outlets and light switches all have a life expectancy and will fail to work properly after heavy use, not to mention looking old and dilapidated. If your outlets show these signs it is time to change them. How do you know if your outlets are worn out? If the vacuum does not stay firmly plugged in. They also sell child proof outlets. These outlets have the safety plastic built into the plug-in and they work great! Most new homes require you to install this new build of outlets .

5. Ceiling fans and globes – Light fixtures have a globe surrounding the bulbs. These are usually very easy to change and bring a much needed fresh look to every room. Most globes screw in or may require a nut to be taken off, that’s it. If you're wanting to change one or two ceiling fans see #4 above, and if you do decide change the unit yourself make sure the breaker is flipped OFF before beginning work. I would suggest changing these during the day for obvious reasons.

Good luck sprucing up your home this winter, and if you have any other tips please share them!

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