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5 Tips For Selling My Home

By: Tim Riley

Selling your own house with any Quad Cities FSBO service may seem like a daunting task. You may have been trying to sell your home for months and had just a few bites or nibbles. While others in your neighborhood sold their homes in their first month of listing and other people you know have sold multiple homes over the years. So what’s the secret? How can these people have repeated success or make a quick sell while you are barely drawing any attention? The secret is work. You will have to put time into selling your own home. People higher real estate agents from Ruhl & Ruhl or Mel Foster for a reason, so the agents can do the work for them.  Here are five areas to focus your time on when selling your own home.

1. Pricing: Ask any real-estate agent or veteran FSBO and they will tell you pricing is the number one priority when selling a home. Take the emotion out of it and do some homework before listing. Follow this link for more specific tips on pricing your house.

2. Declutter: There are not many more turnoffs to buyers than seeing a house packed with furniture and walls covered in decorations from the past 20 years. I usually say take one piece of furniture out of every room, but some of you out there need to take out 2-3 pieces from each room. Show off your room space, but allow the buyer to picture their furniture in your home.

3. Clean: Roll up your sleeves, grab the cleaning bucket, throw on a sweatband and start using that antique of a tool called elbow grease. Clean windows, fans, walls, and everything in between.

4. Spread the Word: You’re selling your house, DON’T KEEP IT A SECRET! If you have listed your house for 3 weeks and people you see on a regular bases (inside and outside of work) are surprised to hear you are selling your home then you are doing it wrong. Get your property out there like a mass text using social networks, word of mouth, flyers, and signage.

5. Be Creative: Have fun selling your home. You will have better success with a positive mindset and the creative juices will be flowing. I always like offering a $200 gift card to any person who refers an actual buyer to me. Sure it sounds like a lot of money at first, but you just hired dozens of employees and you will only pay one $200. Plus $200 is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to the sale price of a home.

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Preparing for an Open House

By: Tony Burkhart

Hello ,


The decision is done, you are selling your home.  Congratulations!


Here are some pointers to help you prepare  for an Open House


Clean.  Start from the outside –in.  Your property’s curb appeal is their first impression.  If it looks like it’s been uncared for you may turn off a potential buyer from even stopping.  On the inside, try to light candles (all same scent) or even have some cookies or treats baking to make any buyers feel more at home.  Make sure to do a once over of every room right before the open house starts.


De-Clutter.  Try to remove any unneeded or unused items.  This will open up any space and make your home look larger.  Also, it’s a good idea to remove personal items i.e.: photos, laundry, etc…  A potential buyer needs to be able to picture themselves living there.  By taking away your personal items this can be done much easier.


Pets.  If you have any pets, try to keep them where they can not bother anybody, or arrange for them to visit a friend’s house.  Not everyone likes animals, so you don’t want to turn anybody off.  If you have a cat make sure the litter box has been recently cleaned.


When Should I have an Open House?


Open Houses should be held on Saturdays or Sundays.  Best lengths of times are a minimum of two hours up to four hours.  The most common times are afternoons usually from 1pm. To 5 pm.  Sunday is  the most popular day.


Here is a quick checklist to guide you in your open house preparation:




Make sure you have these items completed before your open house.


___ Printed Flyers          


___ Offer forms/Contracts


___ Signs            


___ Advertise your Open House  - Craigslist, Facebook, Newspaper etc…


___ Comment Cards Printed


___ Cleaned Outside


___ Cleaned Inside


 Good luck at your open house!


For more information on these topics and additional tips on how to get your home ready to sell,  visit our website at





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Why Are Real Estate Agents Calling Me

By: Tony Burkhart

You have decided to sell your home by owner and wonder:


Why Are Real Estate Agents Calling Me?


The For Sale By Owner market is a fast growing segment of the real estate sales market.  Even with this fast growth, statistics will show that real estate agents are still involved in around 50% of FSBO transactions.  How does that happen you ask?


They represent the buyers of homes.


As a seller you have a choice to make regarding this fact…


    Say no to all buyers’ agents and risk losing the buyers they represent, but save some money

    Say yes to buyer’s agents but pay them a commission for bringing you the buyers


This is a very personal choice and depends on your situation and your goals.  Our objective is to simply inform you that you may receive phone calls or emails from agents representing buyers.


If you decide to work with buyers agents you can expect to negotiate a commission rate in order to compensate the agent.  Most commission will run between 2 to 3.5% of your final sales price and are mostly paid by you the seller.


We hope this bit of information helps prepare you for your FSBO journey and wish you the best in your home selling!


FSBOFox is keeping you informed to help you sell your home.


See our website for more information on tips on how to get your home ready to sell.

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Pricing Your Home For Sale

By: Tony Burkhart



Are you looking to sell your home?  Do you know the 2 most important factors in selling your home.




Since nothing can be done with your location, let’s take a look at a few ideas to most accurately price your home.    Here are three simple items you can do to make sure your home is priced correctly…


1)Look at comparable properties thru your assessor’s office that are

                Close in distance to your house, blocks not miles

        Close to the size of your home  +/- 200 square feet

                Sold within the last 3 months but no more than 6


2)Hire a real estate appraiser

        A real estate appraiser walks thru hundreds of homes per year and has access to all the sales data for most    homes.  He or she will provide an honest, professional value of your home which can also help avoid any future troubles you may have with the buyer’s lender.


3)Tour other homes for sale

Take a weekend and view other homes for sale in your neighborhood and price range. What does your competition look like?  Take a friend or relative with you for some unbiased feedback.  How these homes compare to yours, what do you like better about this house, what do you like less.


Here are some straight talk points about the price of your home…


A buyer doesn’t care how much you paid for your home.

A buyer doesn’t care how much you owe on your home.

A buyer doesn’t care how much you spent to fix it up.


The buyer only cares about the price of your home and its amenities compared to other homes for sale in their price range.


We wish you the best in your home selling and home pricing.  If we can be of assistance in anyway, please let us know.  For additional information on your home selling process, please visit our informational page:



thank you,


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FSBO Myths

By: Tony Burkhart

There  are many misconceptions of selling a home FSBO, so here are a few myth busters:

Most FSBO Properties Eventually List With a Real Estate Agent

False. Our hundreds of satisfied customers can attest this is simply not the case. In fact, we have had a number of properties that first listed with a real estate agent and after many months of not selling, made the switch to FSBOFox and sold their home. View our Success Stories for more proof.

FSBO Homes Sell For Much Less Than Real Estate Agent Properties

False. This is one of the most ridiculous claims that real estate agents make. Homes sell for what they are worth period! Some real estate agents will go as far as to make the claim that agent listed properties sell on average for 40% higher than FSBOs. Keep in mind this is data compiled by the National Association of Realtors who gives no details on how they even got these numbers. On top of that, their numbers are misconstrued as million dollar plus homes greatly drive the average up. Most millionaires are not concerned with paying agent commissions thus a small number are sold FSBO. For example say you have ten FSBO homes that are worth $200,000 and that all sell. The average sale price is $200,000. Conversely, take nine $200,000 agent homes and one $1,000,000 agent home and all homes sell. The average sale price on them is $280,000 (9 * $200,000 = $1,800,000 + $1,000,000 = $2,800,000/10 = $280,000). Now if I take those numbers and tell you that agent listed properties on average sell for 40% more than less than FSBOs, it's probably misleading my customer.

My Agent Saves Me Money on Legal Fees and Paperwork

False. Your agent doing legal paperwork for you would be illegal; this is why there is always a lawyer present at the closing. Whether you use an agent or not, you pay for the legal fees, they are usually wrapped into the sale of the property. The only difference in using a real estate agent is that they pick your lawyer for you. Wouldn't you rather choose your own attorney? Or if you don't already have an attorney, FSBOFox can usually recommend one.

It’s Free to Use an Agent to Buy a Home

False. Does the agent charge you any fee directly if you are the buyer? No, but you greatly reduce your negotiating power and may very well pay more for the property. For example: say you are looking at a house in which the seller's bottom line is $200,000. Your offer of $200,000 may get rejected because when you subtract a 3.5% buying agent commission from the $200,000 ($7,000) the seller only ends up getting $193,000 for their home. To meet their bottom line, your offer would have to increase to $207,255 (3.5% of $207,255 = $7254). You end up paying $7255 more for the property then you had to.

Showing Your Own Home is a Pain

False. Showing your own home allows you to do it on your schedule, not the real estate agents. If your agent has an appointment in the middle of the day while you're at work, you're most likely going to have to leave work to go straighten up your home before the appointment. If the appointment is when you are not working, you have to leave your home for a few hours (along with your pets) and find something to do while the home is being shown. Neither of those situations seems more convenient than just showing it on your own.

An Agent is the Best Way to Price Your Home

False. Ask any agent how they price your home and it is simple, they look at recently completed sales of comparable homes in the area. The thing is, anyone can do this. This data is freely available on the web via county assessor websites. Most county assessor websites now days even have a "Comparable Search" feature that makes this easy


We appreciate your reading his short article on the myths of selling FSBO.  For more hints and tips, please visit our helpful info section:

thank you


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How to Sell My Home

By: Tim Riley

What is your number one hesitancy about selling FSBO? Based on surveys conducted by FSBOFox, most people fear the legal issues in selling your own home. Buying and selling a house sounds like a daunting task, even if you use a Mel Foster or Ruhl & Ruhl realtor. I remember when I bought my first home, it seemed like the paper signing would never end.

The truth of it is, making a home purchase of any magnitude will be stressful for anyone, especially someone in their early 20s. You are entering into what seems like a lifetime of debt and responsibility. Selling your home or buying a home does not need to be loaded with stress. This will completely take away from the amazing experience of home ownership.

The truth of it is, if you want to buy a home or learn “how to sell my home," do not worry about the legal issues in this transaction so much. If you are using a Mel Foster or Ruhl & Ruhl realtor, you will need to get a real estate lawyer just the same if you were selling FSBO. My advice to you is to spend more time talking and interviewing real estate lawyers in your area, and find one you like and has a good track record from friends and family. Your lawyer will take care of all your paper work, this includes; contracts, abstracts, leans, titles, and earnest money. I will save you time before Googling, "how to sell my home." The best piece of advice I can give you is: don’t sign anything until your lawyer reads it over.

Good luck buying or selling a home this year. Make sure you take some time away from worrying about the legalities to enjoy your home transaction.

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Selling a Home in the Quad Cities

By: Tim Riley

Are you looking to upgrade your current home? Maybe you are leaving the area for work, family, or even a better life. There are a plethora of reasons you may want to sell your home. The bottom line is you want to get the most bang for your buck.  Quad Cities FSBO services is one way you can get the most money out of your investment.

FSBOFox offers many different packages that will match any of our client’s needs. For those selling a home and really have the do-it yourself mentality we offer a $99 package. This package is the ultimate savings and will give you the most complete realtor experience. You will be responsible for taking pictures, writing the description, and building your listing. For anyone who is the tinest bit tech savvy,  has a high quality camera, and strongly feels their home will sell quick, then this may be the best option for you.

On the flip side of selling a home people cannot afford a realtor, and need to sell using a QCFSBO service. For you, we offer our “all-inclusive” package for just $249. FSBOFox will take HD wide angle pictures, build your listing, write the description, and give you a personal tutorial on how to use our listing services and marketing tools. If this wasn’t good enough our all-inclusive package also lists your house until it sells. No monthly renewal fees are required.

Whichever services you need for selling a home, FSBOFox has the customer service and results you are looking for. We wish you good luck selling your home and hope you have a great experience in doing so!

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The 6 step Home Selling Process

By: Tony Burkhart



Are you looking to sell your home?  Are you wondering what the process is from start to finish to sell your home?  Here is a quick and simple 7 step process of selling your home

1)Preparing Your House For Sale

            The first step in the home selling process is to prepare your home for sale.  This includes decluttering, cleaning,  repairing any loose or broken items and most importantly determining your price.


2)Marketing Your Home

            How will you sell your home?  For sale by owner, using a real estate agent, or just put a sign in the yard?  Determining your marketing channel is step #2 in the home selling process.  Think hard about this step as thousands of dollars are at stake.


3)Showing Your Home

            The next step in the home selling process is to show your home to potential buyers.  His required being available, keeping a very tidy house and make sure everything is picture perfect every day.  The more work put into step #1 makes this step a lot easier.


4)Receiving Offers/Negotiation

You have cleaned your house, DE cluttered and priced it very aggressively.  You have decided to sell your home by owner, and have ad few potential buyers looking at your home.  One buyer is extremely interested now what?  Step #4 of the home selling process is to receive and negotiate an offer.  The offer includes price, closing date, any inspections or contingencies.  Each point is negotiable and requires some give and take from you and the buyer.


5)Appraisals/Inspections/Due Diligence

After the offer is finalized then the due diligence phase of the buying/selling process is completed.  This includes appraisals, home inspections, walk thru’s, loan approvals. This can be a very frustrating part of the home selling process, but stay positive you are almost at your desired goal.



Congratulations you made it all the way thru the home selling process..  You have cleaned, priced marketed, negotiated and withstood the stress of the due diligence phase.  You have officially completed the home selling process and are probably experiencing a similar process during your home buying.

Thank you for reading this quick overview of the 6 step home selling process.  If you have any questions or would like assistance in advertising your home for sale, please contact us.


Thank you


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How to prepare your home for sale

By: Tony Burkhart

Here are some quick tips to prepare your Home for Show


Before showing your home for sale, you should go through it and clean it thoroughly.  Time spent cleaning will go a long ways towards how your home shows. 


Before showing your home for sale you should also think hard about renting a storage facility to store some of your items.  As a general rule of thumb you should try to remove one piece of furniture from each room.  If you have shelves full of knickknacks, remove them as buyers generally don’t share your style.

Making Repairs

Buyers don’t want a home in which they immediately have to fix things after moving in. Start on the outside of your homes front entrance and look at it as a buyer would.  Go through your house room by room and make a list of items to address.  Does the front porch look rickety?  Could paint or trim used touched up?  Do the carpets need steam cleaned?  Making repairs is the fourth item in showing your home for sale.


Make arrangements for pets to go elsewhere during your open house.  This goes for signs of pets as well such as litter boxes, dog beds etc.  The presence of pets will make some homebuyers weary of problems with the house caused by pets.

Host a Preview for Friends

Have friends go through the house and ask for feedback on what should be done.  Don’t ask for feedback and then proceed to tell them why they are wrong.  If you do so, they will be hesitant to give future feedback or be completely honest.  Buyers are going to see the same things that your friends will.  Friends are a great resource for information in showing your home for sale


We hope you enjoyed these quick and easy tips in showing your home for sale.  If you have any questions or need additional information please visit our quick tips page at:

Sincerely FSBOFox

Your showing your home for sale experts!

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Selling Home

By: Tim Riley

Are you thinking about selling a home this season? Trying to decide if you want to sell with a realtor company such as Mel Foster? Truth is, sometimes a realtor is the route to go if you do not have the time to show your home. But if you have a little bit of DIY mentality and want to pay yourself thousands of dollars selling your own home, then FSBO is the path better traveled.

Selling a home is a simple process. You will need to hire a real estate lawyer, which is required if you sell a home with a realtor. Before you sign any real-estate papers I would suggest you let your lawyer look over them.

Acting as your own agent you will need to make your house stand out above the crowd. Achieving this status is simple. First, make sure your home is not cluttered. I would suggest removing 1-2 pieces of furniture from every room.  After clearing furniture from all the rooms in your house deep clean your entire home. This includes bathrooms, closets, window sills, and everything outside the house. In my experiences people overlook the details in cleaning. As a buyer I look at the details. I am inspecting closets, cupboards, and fan blades. Nobody wants to buy a home and spend a week cleaning it.

With a little elbow grease and some know how you can put $10,000 in your pocket easy. The internet and qcfsbo services have made it easy to sell your home on your own. It is worth the time looking into a FSBO service to help you sell your home.

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