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Beautify Your QCA Home's Lawn

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Winter is fighting tooth and nail to let go, but spring is upon us, and now is the time to start addressing your home's lawn. I have been looking at Bettendorf and Moline homes for sale. What catches my eye first? The lawn. Many of the photos were taken with snow on the ground or grass that is still dormant. Then, I came across a Davenport home for sale that has outdoor pictures which show off their lush, green lawn and bloomed flowers. Getting your lawn to look fuller and thicker is not hard at all. You will need grass seed, Scott’s 4-step lawn care plan, spreader, and water.

Before beginning, take the time to measure out your lawn to figure out what the square footage is, (length x width = area). Having this number will guide you in how much material you will need to treat your yard. Next, visit your local, gardening, hardware, or even department store. If you are unsure what grass seed to buy, I suggest a sun & shade mix. This mixture is good for a novice gardener. For fertilizer, pick up Scott’s 4-step plan for seeding. This is very important you get the plan for seeding as the original 4 step plan will not allow your seed to grow because of the crab grass blocker. I have asked friends, professionals, and scoured the Internet, and this is the best choice for a full season’s treatment.

I began the 4-step plan last weekend, and the whole process took me less an hour to treat over 3,000 sq. feet. It took me a little longer to treat the yard since there were some pretty bad bare spots I had to cultivate first using the garden weasel for a better chance of seed germination.

First, make sure your lawn is mostly debris free. If you did not rake you leaves last fall, then you will need to do this step first. Second, you will over seed your lawn to increase the thickness. On the back of the grass seed package, you will find where to set your spreader for proper seeding, and how much seed you will need to pour into the spreader. If using Scott’s Sun & Shade, you will need to set your batch spreader to 8.5. The spreader will cover a 4-8 foot diameter. Do a small test run in the middle of your yard to see how far the seeds will fly. Once the diameter is covered make passes across your yard moving along the longest path possible and overlapping seeds six to eight inches until you have covered your entire lawn.

The next step is fertilizing. This is very similar to seeding. Read the package for quantities needed and spreader settings. Begin covering your yard making passes using the longest direction of your yard.  Be sure your freshly seeded & fertilized lawn gets water within a day or two to prevent burning. Water, as needed, for the remainder of the season.  







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