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Davenport Home for Sale

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How many times have you Googled, "Davenport home for sale," hoping to find the house you just listed on Mel Foster or FSBOFox? If you are anything like me and finding ways to kill time on the computer, then I am sure you have tried it at least once. You probably did not see your house on the first couple results pages either. The truth is, people do not find for their next home with Google alone. There are a number of different ways people use the Internet to search for next house, and actually 60% of homes bought are first seen via the Internet.

If you live in Davenport, take the time to get to know your area well, if you haven’t already. Knowing the area can help you sell your Quad City home on the Internet. Buyers are looking for more than just a house. They want to buy a home in a neighborhood that will fit their needs. Neighborhoods can range from family friendly editions to the growing downtown lofts. When marketing your home, decide who you think will most likely buy your property. Is it a bachelor/bacherlotte, family, or a couple looking to downsize since their kids have moved out? Once you have decided who your audience will be, plan your staging, open houses, and listing descriptions to appeal to these people as they should be the most likely interested in purchasing your house.

Living in Davenport, everything is within a 15 minute drive. So lace up the sneakers and hit the pavement. Start walking around your neighborhood and find features which would be desirable to buyers. Look for parks, pools, golf courses, restaurants, stores, bars, and any other form of entertainment or necessity. The attractions around your house can be what closes a deal, or can be a decision maker fot a buyer who is interested in multiple properties.

If you don’t have the time to get out and learn more about your area, or are unable to get outside for a walk, then turn to Google Maps to see what is located in your area. Google Maps work great on computers and mobile devices. This tool can give you a bird’s eye view of all the attractions in your area and will give you more real estate tools when selling your home FSBO.

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