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Full Lead Disclosure

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I found my first Quad City home scanning local MLS sites such as Mel Foster and Ruhl & Ruhl. Just in case you don’t know all real estate websites have the same houses listed with the Multiple Listing Services, (MLS). So there is no need to scan multiple realtor websites for different houses. I chose the real estate company with the best user friendly MLS interface and scanned homes there.

I also found great local organizations that will help you purchase your first home and also educate on home ownership. One such company in the QCA is United Neighbors, who offers the DREAM Program. The DREAM Program makes purchasing a home more affordable for moderate to low income families and educates home buyers. As first time home buyers don’t most of us fit into this category? One educational area they focus on is lead paint. It is a federal law to provide a lead paint disclosure for the purchase of any home built before 1978. Any known lead in the house or lead test results must be shared with the buyer.

The government banned all lead based paints in housing structures prior to 1978 because of harmful toxins found in lead.  Some of the side effects of lead poisoning include brain damage, slowed growth, nervous system damage, pregnancy difficulties, high blood pressure, digestive problems, headaches, and even muscle & joint pain. Lead can affect anyone, but small children are at the highest risk. Young children will pick up a paint chip from a door jam or window seal and put in in their mouth without hesitation.

The lead disclosure laws gives the buyer 10 days to have any lead inspections completed. As the seller make sure you disclose all information you know regarding lead based paint in the home. I would even hand the home buyer an EPA lead information pamphlet.

Also be sure to share all material facts with home buyers. Materials facts are anything which could affect the home buyer’s decision on purchasing the property. If you know of any problems or repairs that have been recently made share these with the home buyers.

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