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Furnace Back Up Plan

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Some people looking for Quad City homes for sale might be turned off by a wood burning fireplace, but I on the other hand, had it as a must. I love the smell of a wood fire; it brings me back to my childhood and seeing my dad cozied up next to the fire place like a dog on a bed. The crackling and popping collimated with the deep orange flames and red burning embers really creates the perfect date night with your spouse, while not having to hire a baby sitter.   

While viewing homes on Ruhl and Ruhl and Mel Foster, I saw many more gas fireplaces then the traditional wood fires.  The thought and work which goes into making a successful fire isn’t easy, but isn’t hard either. I am the type of person who thrives on instant results and this presents the perfect light hearted challenge to get me through the day. I think most people would want a wood fireplace if they thought of them as a backup plan to your electricity going out in the winter. MidAmerican recently reported 9,000 homes losing power during this erratic winter. I would hate to be without power, which is required to run my furnace, with temperatures below 0° this year. So, I will be heading out to my local tree trimmer and picking up some soft woods (to start the fire) and hardwoods (which burn longer, slower, and hotter) to heat my family and home just in case during this percurious winter.

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