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Quad Cities Home Buying Assistance Programs

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When looking to purchase a Quad Cities’ home don’t forget to look for local housing assistance programs. Housing assistance will typically have some stipulations associated with it. For exampl,e I was reading a Ruhl & Ruhl article that mentioned a program called Davenport NOW. I did a little research and discovered this was a housing tax rebate started in 2009. This program gives, "homeowners a rebate for 50% of the City’s share of your property taxes for 10 years based on your increase in assessed value” ( To qualify for this rebate, you must be building or buying a newly constructed home or making historical improvements.

Another program I highly recommend for first time home buyers is called the Dream Program. The Dream Program is overseen by United Neighbors, and you will get $1,000 towards a down payment.  You could also receive some home improvements if they have extra grant money. They paid for all new windows in my home, and the cost was off set with a 5 year forgivable plan. I stayed my 5 years and used the new windows as a selling point. You will have to take a couple classes that last an hour, and this class will take you more informed on housing concerns, such as lead paint.

Take the time to do your research. All of the surrounding Quad Cities have programs to help you buy a home or even make updates to the current home you are living in. If you need help locating the assistance programs in your city, speak to a  qualified mortgage lender. I recommend checking with National Bank or Valley Bank for helpful and friendly customer service.

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