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Home Sales

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The price on home sales are up, and look to stay the course of this progression. This is more proof that if you wanted to have a real “bargain buy” it may be too late. Interest rates have started to rise off the cellar floor and people are buying homes at a faster rate. Many markets across the US are having a house shortage problem actually. Speaking with a realtor from California, who is in my Google+ circles says, “ If homes sell at the current rate, and they do not get any more inventory, then they will have zero homes to sell within 30 days”. I have never heard of such an issue. Looking at the diagram one can see that California homes are selling for a huge price increase, but what does this mean for the QCFSBO market?

I don’t think we will run out of a supply of homes, but there are fewer homes listed in our area. It’s not just QCFSBO services who are feeling the strain of a low supply of homes. Many brokerages, including Ruhl & Ruhl, are feeling the strains of a shrinking inventory. If you find a house you like then you should not wait weeks before making an offer.

If you are going to sell your home, the time is now, especially if you are looking to sell your home fast. Don’t get discouraged by the graphic of home sales in Iowa and Illinois. The truth of it is Quad City homes did not take as a big of a market hit as those states located out West who are seeing a 9.8% -22% increase. A main reason why they are seeing these huge price increases is because the real estate market tanked. So a 1% increase in home price sales is still really good for you.

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