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Honey Do Spring Cleaning List

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Spring has arrived, technically, and those “honey do” lists are soon to appear on the fridge. Before the list is filled by your significant other, add a couple items you want to accomplish this spring. Thanks to another poor performance from Poxatuny Phil, Quad City home owners will be able to procrastinate their outdoor spring chores at least one more week. That being said, be prepared to complete these 5 tasks over the next 4-6 weeks.

1. Car – Your vehicle takes a beating over the winter months, even more so if you live in a Midwest city like Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, or Moline. If the weather is warm enough, pull out the garden hose and soap to wash all the road salt off your car. If applicable, take your grocery getter or speedster to a car wash. For $8 you can power wash your own car and put a nice glow back in your ride. Don’t forget to wash the bottom off really well, too. This is where most of the rust will occur.  A good waxing is also a great idea to protect the paint on your car.

2. Garage – Many holiday items get, more or less, thrown onto a work bench or on the ground because we don’t want to deal with packing away these items during the cold months. Clean up any lose trash, sweep the floor, and reorganize all the tools you had to bust out to fix your leaky toilets, faucets, furniture, and anything else gets may have broken.

3. Gutters – Will chore ever go away? Only if you cut down every single tree within a twenty foot radius of your house. Admit it, you procrastinated on cleaning your gutters last fall and now you have to clean them. This will always be one of those home ownership chores which will not go away.


4. Closets – Spring will still offer some chilly days, so your top 5 cleaning list needs to include some indoor chores. You have been hitting the gym every day since New Year’s and you lost that tire around your waist. Get rid of the clothes are not going to wear anymore and get some new threads, you deserve it. Take the time to touch up paint, hardware, doors, and organizer shelves while in your closet. I remember looking at a QC home for sale several years back, and all I remember about that house is a dingy bedroom closet.

5. Grill & Smoker- If you’re like me, then you have an eternal fire to grill most nights of the week. Remove the cover, clean out the sticks and leaves, and start breaking your grill or smoker down.  Clean the grates, drip pan, burners, and even the belly of the grill. Look for any wear and tear which might require repair, such as a bad burner.


Some may not look forward to spring chores, but cabin fever has possessed my body…and I need an outdoor exorcism. If you’re like me, then you can’t wait to get out there and mark some chores off your list.

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