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How Do I Advertise My House?

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Once you go to sell your QC home you will wonder, how am I going to advertise my house if I do not have a realtor? What a great question, and if you are asking this question you are already in the mindset of a realtor.  Acting as your own agent,  you need to enlist the services of a FSBO business. I have rarely seen a house sell from just a sign in the yard or an ad on Craigslist. A lot of people using only these services come to us unable to sell.  People are busy in today’s world and want a good look at the interior of your house before they will commit the time of day to come see it personally. Some local Quad City FSBO services include professional house pictures.

After listing your home with a local FSBO site, which will post on their webpage, and sticking a professional grade yard sign in the dirt it’s… time for you to get creative.

Use Social Networks:

Facebook is the second most populous website according to Alexis, a website monitoring program, just behind Google. There are currently over 155 million Facebook accounts and 140 million Twitter US accounts. Social media is how people share images, thoughts, and large ticket items they want to sell. FSBOFOX offers both of these services with a quick share tool which includes an image of your home in the posting and a direct link to you listing. Ask family and friends to share your listing on their site as well.


I wasn’t knocking Craigslist earlier. Most of the time people put the total square footage of their house, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and maybe four tiny pictures. This does not provide a good enough sample of the spectacular home you are selling.

Host An Open House:

Post a sign in your yard saying, “Open House Today” or, “Open House This Saturday.” Have the sign hint at unique features your home might have such as, pool, custom kitchen, and fresh remodel, something that will draw a potential buyer’s interest. When hosting an open house, have a scent that most people will fine irresistible. A batch of cookies or a slowly cooked roast seems to work well. An abused kitty litter box, not so much.

Get Downright Creative:

Make people feel like they are getting deal if they buy your house. Offer a gift card to a nice restaurant here in town, maybe $100 gift certificate to Granite City or Duck City. Offer referral compensation if the buyer of your house was referred through another person. Gas cards seem to be attractive on most people’s list.

Bottom line is-do anything you can to get your house and the listing link to the masses. You never know who will buy your house and for that reason, make sure your house is always ready for show inside and out.

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