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How Signage Will Help You Sell Your House This Year

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There are many ways to market your Quad City Home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the top 5 ways to market your home are; Internet, realtor, yard sign, open house, and print newspaper advertisement-in that respective order. The Internet has undeniable changed how real estate is sold over the two decades. People can shop for their dream home wearing pajamas in the comfort of their living room.  Don’t let this illusion baffle your marketing process. Yard signs are the third highest ranking way to draw attention your home. reviewed a report in 2012, stating 55% of home buyers looked at yard signs for locating their new home. Living in a larger city people may or may not take a “Sunday drive” and cruise through neighborhoods they want to live in. Buyers scanning properties with For Sale Yard Signs is a valuable resource. This strategy works especially great for those second and third level tier cities such as Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Moline.

So what does a quality yard sign need to have? First, is a color and font scheme that really “pops.' A quality yard seen needs to be seen from a distance and clearly state, THIS HOUSE IS FOR SALE, STOP & CHECK ME OUT. If not, many people will continue their drive onto the next house down the street. One thing that really bugs me about bad signage is a white sign with poor font, staked into snow covered backdrop.  Who is going to see this in late November, December, January, and February? Secondly, your sign needs to be made of a durable material that can with stand the color fading sun rays, brittleness of the winter, and not get blown over in 30+ mph winds. Metal signs will cost more up front but are well worth the money.

Don’t overlook the singles and families who still enjoy a relaxing evening drive and find the excitement of collecting flyers from houses they are interested in. Stats don’t lie, take the time to research the signage you or your company will be using to help sell your home.  It could be the difference of your home being on the market for six weeks or six months.

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