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How to Choose a Good FSBO Company

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Chances are, you have little knowledge about FSBO services in your location or the exact opposite. You are quite knowledgeable about the process, and there are multiple FSBO services. When I worked with the Dubuque, IA FSBOFox markets, I connected with hundreds of clients and most had no idea they could even sell their house without a realtor. Many of the people I worked with loved the idea of being able to have the flexibility of being their own realtor and saving thousands of dollars. Now if one mentions For Sale By Owner in the Quad Cities, most people would understand the process and who to call for services. In the Quad Cities, there are four FSBO businesses with Quad Cities-FSBOFox being one of them.

These markets seem to be worlds apart, when in reality only 81 miles separates Davenport and Dubuque. Clients in both of these cities will have the same question, “How do I choose a good FSBO company?"  Multiple aspects need to be looked at such as: quality of website, services provided customer service, and productivity. Some of these items are subjective, and you may not like that. If you are like me at all then you want evidence, some cold hard proof, as to how well your house will sell. Without having immediate access to the FSBO data for sold houses, there is still one easy way to see how your house might fare on their FSBO site.   It’s called site ranking. Think of the ranking as popularity; try not to flash back to the glorious or not so glorious high school years. Websites that are more popular get more visitors on a regular bases. This means more people are looking at the house you are selling. How do you check a webpage’s popularity? With Alexa. This web information service will tell you how the FSBO website ranks globally and in the U.S. It will also tell you where most of the views are coming from for example, Rock Island, Davenport, Moline, Bettendorf etc.

Good luck selling your home, and please take the time and do your research for a good FSBO business.       

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