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How to Make a House New Year’s Resolution

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Trash the junk food, join a gym, pitch the cigs, and get ready for a great year as to which you will drastically change your life for at least month or even a couple weeks. New Year’s resolutions should be filed under “controversial topics”. They always start off with the best of intentions but seem to wither away like a poorly kept hydrangea.  What you think is an indestructible goal gets lost in work, family, friends, and finances. I propose that you make a resolution this year which allows you flexibility yet keeps your attention for the entire year. Make a “To Do” list for your home.

Quad City homes and lawns need to be durable to last through the artic conditions of winter and still withstand 115 degree summers. Making your home energy efficient should be at the top of your list. I have talked before about getting an energy audit done. Many local companies such as Mid-American, who Bettendorf, Moline, Davenport, and Rock Island home, will do these for free. If you are a handy person, then they will even pay you to make some energy updates.

Pick one room to update or completely renovate each year. Let’s face it, updates can be really expensive. Doing a whole house renovation is practically impossible. Budget a room or multiple rooms to update each year. This year it’s the bathrooms, next year is the bedrooms, then a new roof, etc.

Make a resolution to resolve the constant mess pile of dishes in the sink. Make a contract with yourself or the family that every other day dishes will be done. If your single and eat out a ton, (which is an excellent way to burn through cash) write a contract with yourself to clean the kitchen once a week.

Making a New Year’s resolution to spruce up your house this year will give you flexibility and the since of accomplishment that we often don’t get with bodily resolutions.  Love your house, take care of it, and give it the attention which it deserves. Your home is probably the single largest investment we make, yet we tend to overlook the most. 

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