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How to prepare your home for sale

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Here are some quick tips to prepare your Home for Show


Before showing your home for sale, you should go through it and clean it thoroughly.  Time spent cleaning will go a long ways towards how your home shows. 


Before showing your home for sale you should also think hard about renting a storage facility to store some of your items.  As a general rule of thumb you should try to remove one piece of furniture from each room.  If you have shelves full of knickknacks, remove them as buyers generally don’t share your style.

Making Repairs

Buyers don’t want a home in which they immediately have to fix things after moving in. Start on the outside of your homes front entrance and look at it as a buyer would.  Go through your house room by room and make a list of items to address.  Does the front porch look rickety?  Could paint or trim used touched up?  Do the carpets need steam cleaned?  Making repairs is the fourth item in showing your home for sale.


Make arrangements for pets to go elsewhere during your open house.  This goes for signs of pets as well such as litter boxes, dog beds etc.  The presence of pets will make some homebuyers weary of problems with the house caused by pets.

Host a Preview for Friends

Have friends go through the house and ask for feedback on what should be done.  Don’t ask for feedback and then proceed to tell them why they are wrong.  If you do so, they will be hesitant to give future feedback or be completely honest.  Buyers are going to see the same things that your friends will.  Friends are a great resource for information in showing your home for sale


We hope you enjoyed these quick and easy tips in showing your home for sale.  If you have any questions or need additional information please visit our quick tips page at:

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