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How to Sell a Home

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The real estate market has been a beast of an animal over the past six years. Many people have had to take a loss on their home, if they sold it. These times are starting to come to an end. Home sales are on the rise because the economy is gathering steam.

If you are thinking about selling a home using the FSBO process here are some simple tips to get you through the process:

1.  Make the Commitment. I speak with clients on  a weekly bases and I cannot believe how many people just throw their property out there for a couple months hoping it doesn’t sell. When committed to selling a home you will have better results.

2. Clean & Repair. Before you do anything else with selling your house take a couple weeks to create a cleaning and repair schedule. Using a calendar to break up these tasks will help make them less stressful and setting a date for a professional to take pictures gives you a deadline to meet.

3. Get Some Help. When selling a home it pays to pay. You could take the traditional route and higher a brokerage such as Remax, but you can save tens of thousands of dollars by using the FSBO process. FSBOFox offers a number of different packages to fit the needs of all QCFSBO sellers.

4. Price’s Right. You MUST take the time to price your home for what it is worth, not how many memories you have in it or how much money you spent making upgrades. You can list any house for $500,000 but nobody will pay that price if it’s only worth $100,000. Here are some tips for pricing your home.

5. Selling With Patients. You will need to actively market your house. If you higher the assistance of a for sale by owner service they will help market your home with their website, but you should still hang flyers, post on social networks, and spread the word every chance you get. Finally you need to be patient. Buying and selling a home is a major transaction. Depending on the location and price of your house it could be a on the market anywhere from a few days to a year.

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