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Is Selling My Own Home Hard?

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I have had multiple friends and family members ask me if selling your own house is difficult. I understand this question quite well since I too had the same feelings before I sold my own house using FSBOFox. I smile and give the most complete answer I can to them, no. Selling any Quad City home is easy and fun.

People have a hard time getting to the “fun part” of selling their own home until they understand the legal process that deals with selling a home. There really is not much to worry about selling your own house. Some companies like FSBOFox offer copies of every legal document you will need. For Iowa homes these include: offer letter, contract for sale, seller disclosure, lead paint disclosure, Radon fact sheet, and even an overview booklet, which isn’t required but helps guide you through the process. Illinois homes have very similar forms. The one BIGGEST piece of advice I would give anyone is: Don’t sign anything until you have had your lawyer look it over. If you don’t have a lawyer Google “Real Estate Lawyer,” and you will find multiple results.

After all legal concerns have been addressed and cleared it is time to have F-U-N! All the hard work you have put into your house through DIY projects, cleaning, and landscaping is about to pay off, in cash. As people begin to show interest in your house, you will be entangled with a cat and mouse match using wit, cleverness, and negotiating skills. These are the joys of selling a home and can be really exciting. Don’t stress about selling, have fun with it using multiple techniques to draw the interest of potential buyers.

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