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Preparing for an Open House

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Hello ,


The decision is done, you are selling your home.  Congratulations!


Here are some pointers to help you prepare  for an Open House


Clean.  Start from the outside –in.  Your property’s curb appeal is their first impression.  If it looks like it’s been uncared for you may turn off a potential buyer from even stopping.  On the inside, try to light candles (all same scent) or even have some cookies or treats baking to make any buyers feel more at home.  Make sure to do a once over of every room right before the open house starts.


De-Clutter.  Try to remove any unneeded or unused items.  This will open up any space and make your home look larger.  Also, it’s a good idea to remove personal items i.e.: photos, laundry, etc…  A potential buyer needs to be able to picture themselves living there.  By taking away your personal items this can be done much easier.


Pets.  If you have any pets, try to keep them where they can not bother anybody, or arrange for them to visit a friend’s house.  Not everyone likes animals, so you don’t want to turn anybody off.  If you have a cat make sure the litter box has been recently cleaned.


When Should I have an Open House?


Open Houses should be held on Saturdays or Sundays.  Best lengths of times are a minimum of two hours up to four hours.  The most common times are afternoons usually from 1pm. To 5 pm.  Sunday is  the most popular day.


Here is a quick checklist to guide you in your open house preparation:




Make sure you have these items completed before your open house.


___ Printed Flyers          


___ Offer forms/Contracts


___ Signs            


___ Advertise your Open House  - Craigslist, Facebook, Newspaper etc…


___ Comment Cards Printed


___ Cleaned Outside


___ Cleaned Inside


 Good luck at your open house!


For more information on these topics and additional tips on how to get your home ready to sell,  visit our website at





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