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Pricing Your Home For Sale

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Are you looking to sell your home?  Do you know the 2 most important factors in selling your home.




Since nothing can be done with your location, let’s take a look at a few ideas to most accurately price your home.    Here are three simple items you can do to make sure your home is priced correctly…


1)Look at comparable properties thru your assessor’s office that are

                Close in distance to your house, blocks not miles

        Close to the size of your home  +/- 200 square feet

                Sold within the last 3 months but no more than 6


2)Hire a real estate appraiser

        A real estate appraiser walks thru hundreds of homes per year and has access to all the sales data for most    homes.  He or she will provide an honest, professional value of your home which can also help avoid any future troubles you may have with the buyer’s lender.


3)Tour other homes for sale

Take a weekend and view other homes for sale in your neighborhood and price range. What does your competition look like?  Take a friend or relative with you for some unbiased feedback.  How these homes compare to yours, what do you like better about this house, what do you like less.


Here are some straight talk points about the price of your home…


A buyer doesn’t care how much you paid for your home.

A buyer doesn’t care how much you owe on your home.

A buyer doesn’t care how much you spent to fix it up.


The buyer only cares about the price of your home and its amenities compared to other homes for sale in their price range.


We wish you the best in your home selling and home pricing.  If we can be of assistance in anyway, please let us know.  For additional information on your home selling process, please visit our informational page:



thank you,


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