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Professional House Photography

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Thanks to technology, people who are looking to buy a home take a very different approach today from twenty or thirty years ago. The Internet has changed this a lot, and when you list with a Quad City FSBO your house will be up for thousands of people to see from the comfort of their own home. More people viewing your home increases the rate at which it sells, and can even drive the selling price up if there are multiple interested parties.

Another huge change has been in cameras and lenses. Digital cameras allow FSBO and real estate agents to take multiple pictures, review, and upload them to the Internet within minutes. Perhaps the biggest improvement has been with the quality of pictures.  I personally use a 14 megapixel, wide lens camera. This produces excellent photo detail and captures more of the room with a single snap of the camera. You can see what I am talking about in the pictures below. A camera using a wide-angle lens is far superior to a classic 35 mm standard lens. One picture and you have a complete view of the room. Professional pictures are worth the money. The equipment I use for pictures is well over $1,000, and it cost just a couple hundred dollars for a picture package. You can see how you are better off enlisting the services of a local FSBO business.


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