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QC Backyard Landscaping

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This week I am starting my backyard make over, which appears to be a full summer project. When we first bought the house, which by chance happened to be FSBO, one of the features we loved the most was the backyard. It added space, trees, and privacy, something hard to find in the urban Quad Cities. Trust me we scoured the MLS using Ruhl Homes and Mel Foster for months. Anyways the house was what we were looking for, but it needed some TLC, inside and out.

Our backyard offers close to a dozen trees and includes a wildlife habitat. I refer to this area as the “dead space”. The dead space is heavily shaded by trees, three of which are pine trees that leave a heavy mess. The previous owner must have started a “save a hosta foundation” and declared the corner a free dumping area for mulch. This space is overgrown and unusable.

We have decided to invest in a professional arborist to kick off our backyard make over. For what they can do matched with professionalism and speed it is money well spent. Plus a professional arborist should be bonded and insured for any accidents. After the tree trimming is done we still need to figure out what to do with the dead space in our yard. Living in the QCA we have cold winters and hot summers and we would like to make this space useable throughout most of the year. I personally would like to make it a home selling point when we do decide to sell. There is the option of just cleaning it out and keeping the hostas and mulch, but that’s a little bland for us. A small garden would be great but feel like there is not enough sunshine to support a good Iowa crop. So we are going to make it into a family space and build a playhouse. Not much can grow there so the structure will add aesthetic beauty while providing hours of family fun. We can keep a number of the hostas already planted along with the mulch.

When planning your back yard makeover take the time to gather multiple ideas, get some feedback, and have some fun with it. If you enjoy what you are doing then it will make the backyard work that much more enjoyable.

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