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QCFSBO Final Walkthrough

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Your big day has arrived, and I’m not talking about marriage. You are finally closing on your Quad City home and there is just one last hoop to jump through before contracts are signed and checks are written. It’s time for the final walkthrough. Sounds so…..professional, doesn’t it? While the lingo sounds like business, some people approach this more casually.

Don’t fall into the latter category. You have been hoping, dreaming, and working for the past several weeks or even months to sell your own home. You have had Ruhl & Ruhl realtors walkthrough your open house, Mel Foster contact you about their services, but you stayed strong and sold your place as a qcfsbo and saved thousands of dollars.

The final walkthrough will be performed within a few days of the closing if not actually on the day of the closing. Before this day arrives make sure everything in your home is in working order; appliances, toilets, sinks, lights, fans, sprinklers, furnace, air conditioning, windows, and anything else the buyer may be double “inspecting”. Finally make sure any and all agreed upon repairs are completed by your final walkthrough. If anyone of these items is left unresolved it could blow a closing out of the water or push the closing back weeks.

Finally, be respectful. Make sure the house is clean and ready to move in. This is not a must unless previously agreed upon, but I do believe in Karma. Nobody wants to move into a dirty house, and since you are selling your QC home, you will be moving into a place and hopefully it’s clean.

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