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Quad Cities Home For Sale

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Are you looking to sell your Quad Cities Home?  Are you thinking of selling your quad cities home by owner or with an agent? 

Did you know the market is extremely hot to sell your quad cities home?

We are FSBOFox and we would like to take a few second to tell you about the benefits of selling your quad cities home by owner.

1)Savings.  Selling your quad cities home by yourself can save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions.  Why pay someone to advertise your home when you can do it yourself, better and cheaper.

2)Marketing and pricing assistance.  Selling a home is about marketing and pricing and these are the two key roles that a real estate agent offers.  If there was a company to help you advertise your home on the internet, where 80% of home searches begin, would you be interested?  What  about pricing.  There are many resources available to help you sell your quad cities home by owner.  These include your county assessor, and appraiser or our partner company called Tru Home Value.

3)The biggest concern of most quad cities home sellers is the legal aspect of selling your home.  This problem is easily solved and the solution is called an attorney.  You used an attorney when you bought your house, you will use when you sell your house.  An attorney can help you with all the contracts, disclosures and very other form associated  with the home selling process.  If you need a referral, we will gladly share a few who we have worked with.

In summary, selling your quad cities home is easy to do.  The question is which way is best for you?  The way of the past using a real estate agent and wasting thousands of dollars in commissions, or by owner and keep your hard earned equity in your pocket.

We are always here to help you advertise and sell your quad cities home,  please call or email for any further questions.

Thank You

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