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Quad Cities' Homes For Sale, (Good News In the Neighborhood)

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Will my house sell in this market? Who has heard someone ask this or even asked this question yourself? People are concerned how well the housing market is doing. We spoke with hundreds of people at the KWQC Women’s Health & Lifestyle Fair this weekend, and many of those individuals were concerned if their home will sell in this market. I have a simple answer for you, YES!

I was reading a 2012, 4th quarter report that Ruhl Homes published. They gathered their data from Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The report told me that Eastern Iowa real estate is having a steady rate of success with the most consistent real estate occurring in the Quad Cities. QC real estate prices have increased 1.58% over the last year and 2.09% over the last 5 years. Looking at the 2012, 4th quarter National Ranking of 302 MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas), the QCA comes in at #77.  This is fantastic news for you as other areas, such as Des Moines, are still struggling and house prices have decline 4.82%.

The time to sell is now. Don’t wait for next month, or next year. It is hard to let go of the emotional connections you have with your home. One client said it best, “Usually people selling FSBO (For Sale By Owner) are scared to sell their house, so they over price it because of the emotional connections they have. Using a realtor takes the emotion out of pricing and listing your house."  This is so very true, and it is difficult to let go of the memories you made in e thhouse you are planning to sell. The time will come when you will need to sell, and if you are on the fence of this year or the next, the best advice I can give you is jump in and start the process. The market will treat you well.

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