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Quad City Home Inspections

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Full home inspections are usually one of the last hurdles in selling your own home (FSBO). 99.9% of people will have one of these completed because receiving a loan from most Quad City Area lenders will require you to have this done. If you are fortunate enough to pay cash then you may not get a full house inspection but I would strongly advice against this. A full house inspection looks for many possible “hidden” problems which can financially sink you later. Here is a list of potentially costly items home inspectors will be looking at:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Structure and foundation of the home
  • Appliances
  • Mold & mildew
  • Damp basements
  • Roofs & chimneys
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems

If you know there are problems with any of these it is best you repair them before listing your house. Some of the items such as water in the basement or a leaky roof must be listed in disclosure forms according to Iowa & Illinois real estate laws. Selling your home in the Quad Cities will present a few particular items an inspector will be looking for; cracked basement foundation, outdated electrical system, worn out shingles, and termite evidence. If an inspector does see termite evidence they will refer you to a pest control specialist for another, more thorough, inspection.

A home inspection can last 1-4+ hours depending on the size of the home. Home inspectors are working for the buyers so make the inspector’s job as easy as possible to keep them happy. Have clear pathways to the utility room, make sure there is easy access into your home, and don’t agree to an inspection the day after a Super Bowl party.

Inspectors will find items wrong with the house, it is their job. Don’t take this as a negative or as deal breaker. The home inspection is not a wish list for the buyers and your contract will dictate if something has to be repaired or not. Since I am a DIY I used the inspection on the house I bought as a price negotiating tool and settled on a lower buying price.

When I sold my Quad City home I had an issue with old termite evidence. Laws had change from when I bought my house to when I sold it. Basically what came of the inspection was I needed to have the house treated again for termites even though I never had any issues personally. I could have opted out of the sale and relisted my house, but I would just come across the same issue the next time we came close to closing on it. I forked over $700, sold my home, and thanks to selling QCFSBO I still made a healthy profit and was able to make a nice down payment for my next home.



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