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Save Money on Quad City Homes

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If your shopping for Quad City Real Estate and have a real estate agent, you should ask your agent whether or not they are looking at FSBO, For Sale By Owner properties.  If your not looking at FSBO Quad City Homes, you are missing out on a lot of potential properties.  Often times you can get a better deal on FSBO's because the seller will be paying much less commission therefore they have more room to negotiate on price.

Here is how a FSBO sale will work through an agent, your agent will call the FSBO property and ask if they are willing to pay agent commission.  Most sellers will agree to pay the commission as they are still saving a lot of money since they are only paying the buying agents commission and not the sellling agents commission.  Some sellers will refuse and the buying agent simply won't notify the buyer about the property.

What if I found a Quad Cities Home For Sale By Owner on my own and want to check it out?  In most cases, you are free to do so without an agent and neither you or the seller will have to pay commission leaving more room to negotiate.  You will end up having to hire a lawyer for things like making an offer and other paperwork that an agent would normally take care of though.

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