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Selling a Home

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We are in full swing of the home selling season. The only two things that are working against the Quad City market are the torrential down pours and a low supply of houses for sale. If you are thinking about selling a home the time is now. With a low supply of homes for sale, the price of sold homes is up from previous years.

It’s not just QCFSBO homes that are low on real estate supply, all the major brokerages; Remax, Ruhl & Ruhl, and Mel Foster, are running low on homes to sell. Why is the number of houses for sale low? Well homes are selling quickly. Mortgage rates are staying historically low. Many 30 year fixed mortgages are still around 3.0%. The Quad Cities also has a strong employment base and the economy is doing well. Finally people have decided they do not want to sell. They are staying put and do not want to take on a bigger mortgage they may not be able to handle. This points to a maturity growth in all of us. We are being smarter with our money. Home sellers and buyers are weighing their options for both best case and worst case scenarios.

If you decide to sell by owner and are looking for more information on how to sell my home then visit FSBOFox’s helpful info section for free step by step information on selling homes.

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