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Selling - For Sale By Owner

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In my last blog I mentioned the number one reason to sell FSBO, you save thousands and possibly tens of thousands of dollars. This is what draws people initially, but as you begin to research selling your home by yourself you learn there are multiple perks. I have seen all of the following perks helping people sell; Davenport homes, Bettendorf homes, Moline homes, Rock Island Homes, Eldridge homes, and many other areas in the Iowa/Illinois border.

Personally, I like everything that goes into selling a house. So doing some leg work is not a big deal. For starters YOU will have to price your home. To do this you need to look at comparable home prices in the area. I love doing this and can get lost in it. Plus, if you are selling then you are probably buying and you are getting a feel for the market. In the end, listing on your own allows you to list your house cheaper than most realtors would. What does this mean? You will get more action then a Hollywood socialite. If you still have no idea what to list your home for some realtors will give you a free market analysis.

Let’s think about the marketing of your home. Ten or fifteen years ago it would have been very difficult to market your home by your lonesome. In today’s technology savvy world there are fsbo businesses that take professional pictures, create flyers, and have websites to list your house on. Another huge advantage of technology is social networks. Literally millions of people are connected with Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc. You can share your house via social networks and have your friends and family share too. This alone helps market your home to well over a thousand people.

Ok, I need to get off my soap box.  I pledge to keep my blogs short, sweet, and to the point (SSTP). Next time I will tell you the legal perks of selling solo and how much FUN it is!

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