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Selling Home

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Are you thinking about selling a home this season? Trying to decide if you want to sell with a realtor company such as Mel Foster? Truth is, sometimes a realtor is the route to go if you do not have the time to show your home. But if you have a little bit of DIY mentality and want to pay yourself thousands of dollars selling your own home, then FSBO is the path better traveled.

Selling a home is a simple process. You will need to hire a real estate lawyer, which is required if you sell a home with a realtor. Before you sign any real-estate papers I would suggest you let your lawyer look over them.

Acting as your own agent you will need to make your house stand out above the crowd. Achieving this status is simple. First, make sure your home is not cluttered. I would suggest removing 1-2 pieces of furniture from every room.  After clearing furniture from all the rooms in your house deep clean your entire home. This includes bathrooms, closets, window sills, and everything outside the house. In my experiences people overlook the details in cleaning. As a buyer I look at the details. I am inspecting closets, cupboards, and fan blades. Nobody wants to buy a home and spend a week cleaning it.

With a little elbow grease and some know how you can put $10,000 in your pocket easy. The internet and qcfsbo services have made it easy to sell your home on your own. It is worth the time looking into a FSBO service to help you sell your home.

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