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Selling Homes

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Selling homes can be an exciting time in your life. Selling a home is much like anything else in life, you will get back what you put in. Some people will list their home with realtors, insert any major Remax, Mel Foster, or Ruhl & Ruhl agent here, or you can go the other route and sell your home on your own.

Selling a home requires a plan complete with action steps. Like my first boss use to tell us, “Kids, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. What I once thought was just a catchy phrase I now realize is truth. I have worked with clients who deicide to throw their property up on FSBOFox and expect it to sell, at their asking price, in 30 days or less. People and banks are smarter with their money now, and unless you list your property well below the market value you will not sell your home fast by throwing it up on any Quad Cities FSBO site.

When looking for a Quad Cities FSBO website you want to look at their pricing to list a home. Usually people sell FSBO to save or make money, FSBOFox is the only QC FSBO service to list your house until it sells. Secondly I would look at the professionalism of their website. Does it look like a high school sophomore put it together last night? This isn’t good if they do. Odds are these businesses do not have a professional website designer and this will hurt you selling your house. Finally make sure you are working with a business who has great customer service. For many people selling FSBO is a first time event and any help you can get should be well taken.

After you have picked a FSBO service to help sell your home it is time to put some work in. You will need to remove furniture, decorations, and even signs of animals. A person selling their home will want to show how spacious their home is. Do some research on staging a home to help you get started on this process. Do this BEFORE pictures are taken for the FSBO site. Lastly you will need to get out there and market your own home as well. One of my clients got really creative and placed the multi-colored flags leading up to their flag pole and had their FSBOFox yard sign at the base. This is eye-catching from blocks away and shows people you have a house for sale. Don’t forget about promoting your house on the web. We are living in a digital world and you can do many things to promote your house on the Internet.

Good luck selling your home and remember if your fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make an action plan for steps to follow when listing your house. Do this and you will have better results selling your home.

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