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Should I Make Improvements To My Home Before Selling It?

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The decisions leading up to selling your house can be very stressful, especially if you are contemplating making any home improvements. Sometimes making home improvements is easy if the structural integrity of your home is in question. For example, you have a basement wall that is cracked, leaking, and starting to cave in. Then there are other home improvements which are clearly not needed, but you wouldn’t mind making a few cosmetic improvements, such as adding new curtains to the home even though you just changed them two years ago. These two types of improvements are easy decisions to make before selling your own home. Fix the basement and leave the curtains alone. Unfortunately not all home improvements are easy decisions, such as a roof replacement.

Roofs could make or break a deal. House roofs are mandatory maintence. People want to wait as long as possible before replacing it because you have 30 year shingles and you are in year 27. After 27 years your shingles are bound to look like they have survived tornados, hail storms, and a zombie apocalypse. Any potential buyer is sure to catch this, if they don’t the home inspector will. When it comes to costly repairs that will need to be done in the near future you must take these into consideration when pricing your house. Having a single layer of shingles tore off, replaced with quality shingles, renting a dumpster, and paying for labor can easily cost $10,000 or more depending on the location and size of your roof.

If you choose to have the roof replaced that is great and you need to use this as a huge selling point. Keep in mind that you may not get all of your money back, but could have a much quicker home sale. If you decide to leave the roof as is you will need to lower your asking price or be prepared for the buyer to use the bad roof as a negotiating point. A lower asking price could draw more interest, but may also turn buyers off because they see it as a project home or think it reflects on the up keep of the rest of your home.

Keep in mind the asking price of your home when making these types of decisions. You will also need to consider your audience and how you plan to market your home. Take a couple days to stew over these big decisions talking them over with friends and family. Ultimately this is your decision acting as your very own FSBO agent. Good luck on all home improvements and selling your house.

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