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Showing Your Home in the Summer

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Bust out the spritzer bottles, lemonade stands, and crank up the AC, the July heat is among us. That’s right, the summer officially arrived on June 21st, and the following months of July and August typically bring the Midwestern heat. Don’t let this throw a wrench into your master plan of selling your home. Rather, use this to your advantage!

Not many people like to be out in 90° heat, especially with high humidity. But if people are needing to buy a home, they will have to brave the heat and cruise around the neighborhoods with their AC cranked up. Your job is to get them to stop at YOUR open house and show your home. Using your FSBOFox banner, message advertise you will have the cool home to check out this weekend. Your message could read, “Stop In and Cool Off,” “Cold H2O & Lemonade w/Showing,” “Feel the AC Work.” Don’t feel like anything is too silly when selling your home. Your job is to catch the attention of anyone and everyone looking to buy a home.

Don’t forget about signage around your neighborhood. Next to, or on your open house sign, have marketing tricks working for you. Stop by your local Sam’s Club and buy 50 or 100 ice-cream cones and give away free ice cream during your open house. Any extra ice-cream cups will be a reward for you and your family’s hard work. Speaking of family, put the kids to work. Have them set up a lemonade stand in the middle of your driveway. This will get more people to stop and check out the open house since they have already walked half way up to your home. Have kids charge a quarter per glass. This will activate the sensee of community and perhaps bring back some special memories from the potential buyers.

If you are showing your home this summer, don’t let the heat beat you down. Use what Mother Nature gives you and work with it. When trying to get the attention of someone, quirky rarely fails. Good luck selling your home this summer.

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