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Taking a Real Estate Sunday Stroll

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Most of my blogs circle around selling your home FSBO (For Sale by Owner) style in the QC and QCA, however with spring finally arriving, I find myself looking at houses to buy. The problem is, I am by no means in the need of a house. I simply enjoy looking at houses for sale and seeing what they have to offer for décor, style, size, and of course price.I’m not sure why I have such an interest in the housing market.

I suspect it goes back to my childhood when my dad would take me out to homes being built in our area. This might be frowned upon in today’s society where thieves and vandals break into houses to throw a party or steal the copper, but back in “the good ol’days” nobody thought twice about this, or maybe they did... Anyways, he would study how each carpenter was constructing their middle class mansion. He was always looking for ideas and critiquing their work, building his knowledge of home construction. It soon would pay off for him as he built most of our house on his own.  Being just a little tike, I followed in my dad’s footsteps soaking up the unique fabrication of each home.

I still love to see how each home takes on the personality of the builder, yet lends itself to be customized and updated to each new owner. This is why I love my job and love studying real-estate. I am guilty of taking a Sunday stroll in Bettendorf, Davenport, Buffalo, or Parkview to see what Quad Cities’ homes are for sale and take a glimpse of what the inside looks like on a flyer. Have you ever found yourself driving by a house and notice a For Sale sign stuck in the front yard, and say, “Wow, I wonder what the inside looks like?” This is quickly followed up with, “I wonder how much it is?”  Of course, this ends as if you are on Price’s Right’s final showdown trying to guess the asking price.

As you take your Sunday stroll this spring I hope you find yourself discovering the house of your dreams, or maybe grab a flyer for a friend or family member looking for their dream home.

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