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To Have or Not To Have a House Cleaner, Is It Really Question?

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Pose this question to many house wives and house dads across the U.S., and I think you will have an overwhelming response of, “Hell no. It’s not a question. I will take one yesterday!” Having personally had a house cleaner there are perks on top of perks about having someone come clean your house. Sadly, there are two concerns which hold people back from having a person clean your house, trust and finances.

Opening your doors to a family, friends, or possibly a stranger is hard to do. The reason why you are thinking about hiring a cleaner is because you are professional working 40 +hours a week plus you have family to spend time with. You simply don’t have the time to clean like your house needs. Ultimately, you will need to trust someone inside your home while no one else is home. You are giving handing over the keys to your front door! Sounds nuts, and is nuts, if you just let anyone clean your home. You HAVE to trust your house cleaner, so do your own background checking, this includes cleaning services, AND family/friends. A non-trusting relationship will inevitably ruin your house cleaning experience.

On to the second and probably most relevant concern for most people having a house cleaner, cost. Tell your friends you have a house cleaner and they will start busting your chops of living with the rich and famous. It doesn’t take a business mogul, professional athlete, or Hollywood Star to hire a house cleaner. Many blue collar people have a house cleaner; they have been smart with their money and have a solid budget. If you make a plan for what you are going to spend each month you will see if a house cleaner is in the budget or not. You may have a house cleaner come once a week or more commonly visit once every other week. I found a good website about hiring and keeping a house cleaner-check out and see if a house cleaner is right for you. 

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