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What Is The Purpose Of Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving, one of the best holidays ever, I mean EVER. The basic premise is to show your appreciation for all the loved ones you have had in your life and eat turkey. Not often enough do we show our appreciation for having great family, friends, and even coworkers in our lives. We even lose sight of the material things we own and forget how lucky we are to have some of the basic needs such as a home, running water, or a pet that has been with us for 15 years. Thanksgiving is a great time to gather and show everyone our appreciation. But let’s face it people, we look forward to the mashed potatoes, stuffing, dips, and of course, the turkey. Ahh the turkey. Everyone looks forward to this majestically cooked bird. Until this yea,r I took for granted the preparation and cooking of the fabled gobbler.

My family and I recently purchased a Quad City home and felt it was time to host a holiday gathering. I took on the responsibility of seasoning the turkey and attempting to fry it. I have never fried a turkey personally but have seen it done many times, mostly on YouTube. At first, there was huge excitement about frying this delicate bird that would be so juicy your mouth would have an explosion of happiness.  But the days leading up to this moment, everyone grew more frightful of me burning down the house, rightfully so since I have Missouri blood running through my veins. “All State” did not help concerning ears with their commercial mentioning 15 homes burn down every year from frying a turkey, thanks guys.

After thawing for and eternity in the fridge and sitting in a brine all night, I finally had the oil up to a sizzling 375 degrees I cautiously and methodically lowered Mr. Butterball into the fryer. With everything cooking properly I assumed my position of turkey watch with a chair, football game, and cold beer for the next 60 minutes. I actually had a rather relaxing time watching this bird turn to a golden brown. 

When the timer dinged I pulled the turkey from the fryer and let it sit for 15 minutes.  I slowly carved one of the most succulent birds I have ever tasted. The whole experience was amazing and really it solidified one thing for me; home ownership and the pride which comes along with it. Having to host a holiday gathering and be master chef of the main course gave me a since of accomplishment and reminded me to be thankful for everyone in my life. These are the ones who have helped me be the person I am today and allowed me to have many accomplishments. Thanksgiving helps you forget about the mistakes you have made and focus on the successes you have had. It was an epiphany, and I have one 17 pound golden fried turkey to thank, happy Thanksgiving.

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