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Why Are Real Estate Agents Calling Me

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You have decided to sell your home by owner and wonder:


Why Are Real Estate Agents Calling Me?


The For Sale By Owner market is a fast growing segment of the real estate sales market.  Even with this fast growth, statistics will show that real estate agents are still involved in around 50% of FSBO transactions.  How does that happen you ask?


They represent the buyers of homes.


As a seller you have a choice to make regarding this fact…


    Say no to all buyers’ agents and risk losing the buyers they represent, but save some money

    Say yes to buyer’s agents but pay them a commission for bringing you the buyers


This is a very personal choice and depends on your situation and your goals.  Our objective is to simply inform you that you may receive phone calls or emails from agents representing buyers.


If you decide to work with buyers agents you can expect to negotiate a commission rate in order to compensate the agent.  Most commission will run between 2 to 3.5% of your final sales price and are mostly paid by you the seller.


We hope this bit of information helps prepare you for your FSBO journey and wish you the best in your home selling!


FSBOFox is keeping you informed to help you sell your home.


See our website for more information on tips on how to get your home ready to sell.

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