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Why Sell FSBO In The QC?

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#1: It’s a small financial investment with a huge return possibility:

There are reasons upon reasons to sell your Davenport home on your own, otherwise known as For Sale by Owner. The biggest reason why people sell on their own is because you literally save THOUSANDS of dollars, I mean bookoo bucks. On average a realtor will charge a 7% commission fee. These rates would stay fairly common across the board for popular local companies such as Mel Foster, Ruhl and Ruhl, and Remax.  The percentage doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re talking about a home sale price of $100,000-$300,000, the commission fee works out to be $7,000-$21,000!

I am not saying realtors are the evil spawn come to steal your money. They are actually quite nice and can be very helpful resources.  But wouldn’t you want to try and sell on your own to save thousands of dollars of hard in cash? Take for example FsboFox. If you buy the largest package with all of the bells, whistles, and even expertise it will run you a cool $399. This price even lists your house until it sells with no renewal fees.  Or,  you can be economical and look into the $99 package. Are you willing to spend a couple hundred dollars to save thousands and thousands? I am, and I did. After all, the wife’s yearly shopping excursion isn’t cheap, and I like to keep the misses happy and have some extra cash in my wallet, CHA-CHING!

Check in on Friday for more great reasons to sell fsbo in the Quad Cities.

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