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Why You Need To Join Pinterest

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There is yet ANOTHER social network site to take over our computer screens and mobile devices. How many can one person follow? First there was MySpace, then Facebook and Twitter. You can find thousands of blogs out there, and 90% are updated once a decade. You also have Linkedin, Google+, foursquare, plus many more. When will it ever stop, ahhh?!?! Well you can take a breath and relax, welcome to Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network that will actually make your life easier.

I cannot believe it took this long for someone to create a site which will keep all of your favorite websites in order, and allows you to share your favorite websites. This is far and away better than your classic Bookmark Menu.

If you are looking to sell your Quad City Home as a FSBO or using the services of a realtor such as Ruhl & Ruhl or Mel Foster, Pinterest will help you show, sell, update, and decorate your home. I have created 7 boards on Pinterest for FSBOFox, our clients, and anyone else you who enjoys anything around the house. Pinterest will give more ideas and options than you thought fathomable. Creating an account is worth the 5 minutes it takes to do so. Check out my youthful boards to see what a beginners account would look like.

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