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Why You Need to Start Smoking

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How many times in your life has someone told you, “Hey, you need to start smoking," probably not often, if at all. I am not referring to the plant which made Virginia and the 13 colonies so successful. What I am talking about is smoking meats. Smoking has been around since "prehistory" to preserve meats and more recently used to give a rich authentic taste to BBQ.

Smoking meat is more than just a 2-15 supper prep, there is a lot of planning, preparation, comradery, and beer drinking involved. It can take years of practice to perfect but just days of cooking to get a good tasting product.

Smoking meats is perfect for outdoor temperatures between 50° and 90°. Family members can’t wait to get a taste of chicken, pork, beef, or vegetables. That’s why smoking is perfect for birthdays, holidays, reunions, and other family events. If looking to gain a relationship with your neighbors, nothing draws their interest more than a succulent smell of hickory.

Smoking meats is not just about cooking a meal, it’s about the effort, story, and experience. If you are looking to expand your Quad City hobbies around the house, and want to spend more time engaging your friends, family, and neighbors then smoking meat is for you.

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