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Why You Need To Use Flyers To Sell Your Home

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Picture this:  you and your significant other are having a delicious breakfast, peering through your window to the backyard. You notice the spring grass has returned to its vibrant shade green and the sun rays bring refreshing enjoyment to your breakfast together. You and your spouse have been waiting for an amiable day to be outside and view your next humble abode.  Today is it; you just know you will find your new home.

I have spent many days similar this in the Quad Cities preping for my real estate hunt. Many mornings start this way for home buyers. They wake up early, plan to view houses they have seen online, and will look at 7-10 houses in a single day. The big question is how will they remember the house you are trying to sell? Curb appeal, price range, the Internet, and how you show your house is very important. But when people are contemplating what their top 5 favorite houses are, they need to compare them side by side. None of the previous items listed can do this for you, but a quality flyer will. A good flyer will leave a lasting impression potential buyers can discuss & view over lunch.

A flyer can give home sellers so much selling power if created well, used appropriately, and taken care of. Here is how flyers will work for you.

Have a well-designed flyer with relevant information, (number of bedrooms & bathrooms, size of house, kitchen, & living room, price, tax information, any recent updates, etc…) Use multiple colored photographs from inside and outside of your home (front, back, kitchen, bathroom, any special features like a pool).

Weather is predictably unpredictable so have proper storage for the flyers attached to your “for sale” yard sign. Use a container that will keep your flyers dry yet visible to people driving buy. If someone thinks there might not be any flyers in the box they’ll keep driving and forget about your house like a one hit wonder.

Use your flyers as a selling tool. I never left more than 15 flyers in my box when selling a home. There were enough flyers to hold potential buyers over until I returned from work, yet gave them a since of urgency if they only saw a very small stack of flyers left. I always tried to add a sense of, “my house is going to sell today” to any potential buyers. If they think other people are taking all the flyers then this must be a great house. Last thing is make the flyers available to people during a showing. Have a short stack on a kitchen countertop.

Take these simple steps and apply them to your arsenal of home selling information. Flyers should never be looked over because they are selling your house 24 hours a day 7 days a week while hanging-out in your flyer box.

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