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Why You Should DIY

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DIY – Do It Yourself, three little words can save you so much money. Some people are all over DIY projects like white on rice, while others avoid these projects like the plague. Whatever your opinion is, I encourage you to attempt some DIY projects.

How familiar you are with hand tools, power tools, electrical circuits, plumbing, and carpentry skills will dictate where you start your home improvements. I purchased my first home for $59,000. A deep cleaning was needed along with updates throughout the house, inside & out. I saw my first home as an investment property, and it would prove profitable.  

One of the easiest DIY projects is demolition. Generally, nothing more than a crowbar, hammer, and a destructive attitude is needed. Be cautious of all electricity and plumbing. This includes fixtures inside and outside of the floors, ceilings, and walls. You will come across some “unique” artifacts such as antiques, collectibles, photos, and in my case a crack pipe, yes a crack pipe. I bought a rental property in a neighborhood that was transitioning back into a safe. family-oriented neighborhood.

Once you have completed demolition the amount of DIY projects for your house varies from putting in tile floors to new ceiling fans or adding a deck to installing kitchen cabinets. Odds are, you are not a master carpenter so become familiar with home improvement websites such as; Hometime, DIY Network, and Youtube.

I would also suggest you buy a DIY book lik,e “Home Improvement 1-2-3." My biggest help came from family and friends. You will buy a lot of pizza and beer and not always get a lot done in a day, but you will enjoy the time spent on your home and learn how to become a DIY expert yourself. I paid cash for all the materials, food, and beer. Thanks to my family and friends, I was able to sell my home for a $24,500 profit. Not too shabby for a six year investment.

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