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Will Cold Weather Halt the Sale of My Quad City Home?

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Let’s face it, the weather in and around the QCA has been basically miserable. I never understood how Puxatony Phil could predict an early or late spring. As it turns out he can’t. I have lost all faith in groundhogs predicting the weather. None the less you are still trying to sell your home and no over-hyped critter will ruin your sale…or will it?

Davenport and Bettendorf got out to great start this year in the Quad City real estate market. Then came the snow and chilling temps. For the most part, snow fell in the early parts of the week, (Monday-Wednesday). Good news is not too many residents are driving around looking for QC homes on these days. Of course the bad news is you have to shovel. A few inches of snow can really help your house sell and stand out from the rest of the market. That new layer of snow will add a fresh look to your home. I suggest not letting your dog out in the front yard to keep the snow freshness as long as possible. Another QCFSBO insider tip is to get out there and shovel/snowblow your driveway and all sidewalks. This will help your curb appeal during the winter and show potential buyers you care about your home inside and out.

People living in the in the Quad Cities, including Rock Island and Moline, expect snow in the winter. Do not think the snow will turn buyers away. Do your best to use it to your advantage. If you are showing your home in these cold months have your furnace turned up and a fresh crockpot of chili or stew cooking in the kitchen. Nothing says comfort like a warm and inviting home.

Don’t let the cold weather and snow bog you down during these weather conditions. Take this opportunity to highlight your Quad City home for sale. While the competition is crying and whining about the weather you will take this awesome opportunity to show how your house is better than the rest.

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